If you are setting up email at a previously unused address, it's simple. Skip to step 3.

If you already have email at the same email address as you will be using with the new service, there are a couple of extra steps. The goal here is for your mail to you@yourdomain.com to start showing up in your new mailbox associated with your new website, without any messages being lost in the transition.

The potential problem is that, for a period of several hours, mail sent to you might go to the old email service or to the new service, depending on how quickly the external mail servers (those being used by people sending you messages) are updated. In the "old days" it was 24-72 hours. These days, it's more commonly just minutes or maybe a few hours. But we still want to insure no email is lost!

Step 1 - Forward your email to a temporary address

Go to your existing email service control panel and set up an automatic redirection of all your new email to a temporary address. If you don't have another email address you can use, we suggest a gmail account - they are free, and will hold tons of email.

Test this by sending a message to yourself, and make sure it arrives at the temporary address.

From this point on, any email coming in to the old service will go to the temporary address -- even email arriving after you no longer have access to your old service.

Step 2 - Download or forward any remaining email

If you have any email remaining on your old service, download it to your own computer using Outlook or another similar email program. Alternately, forward it to your temporary email address. If you use gmail as your temporary service, they offer a way to pull email from your inbox into your gmail account (but not from subfolders, last time we checked).

Remember, you might not have access to the email remaining on your old service once the site goes live (step 4).

Step 3 - Have us set up email accounts on your Online Business Partner site

We need the following for each new mailbox:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • NEW email address (____@yourdomain.com)
  • Another email address, such as a gmail address, where "lost password" help is sent, and the initial password setup link is sent

(You can add new mailboxes yourself once the site is live.)

Step 4 - New site goes live

Once your new site goes live and the domain name is updated, new email will flow to the new mailboxes.