This help file applies only if you are NOT using the email service that comes with your Online Business Partner account.

Sender Policy Framework

Sender Policy Framework ("SPF") is a protocol that helps you control forged e-mail that pretends to be coming from you.

How it works

Let's say a spammer forges an address and tries to send spam. They connect from somewhere other than the Example company's mail server.

When his message is sent, you see MAIL FROM: < >, but you don't have to take his word for it. You can ask if the IP address comes from their network.

In this scenario, publishes an SPF record. That record tells your computer how to find out if the sending machine is allowed to send mail from

If says they recognize the sending machine, it passes, and you can assume the sender is who they say they are. If the message fails SPF tests, it's a forgery. That's how you can tell it's probably a spammer.

How to set this up on your domain

Since you are not using our email service, you need to go to your hosting provider and create the following record:

  • Record name should be something like @(or enter the non-WWW domain) to map the record directly to your domain name
  • Record type should be TXT
  • Record value should be v=spf1 mx ~all
  • Record TTL should be 1 day (86400 seconds) - TTL represents how long the server should cache the information.

See the below links on how to add these records from some commonly used email hosting providers:

GoDaddy -